Connect with executives from the C suite and small business owners who are striving for excellence and navigating a corporate landscape or the challenges of running your own small business.  The goal of the group is to empower one another to grow and reach greater levels of success.  Members discuss personal and professional challenges in a highly confidential setting that is geared to help drive your career or business forward.  You are meeting with other high performing peers who are helping you become a better leader.

The group meets monthly for a full day to tackle the most pressing challenges and get unbiased feedback to help you think critically and decide effective options or solutions.  The group meetings are facilitated by Charles Marino and designed to tap the power of the executive peers to develop skills and achieve real results.  Included with the monthly meetings, there are up to eight speaker program workshops annually conducted by nationally recognized subject matter experts.  There is an online community of over 23,000 members worldwide and a resource library.  Webinars are available for you and your staff.

Upcoming Key Executive Group Meetings

Topic: Likeability, Messaging and Storytelling – Powerful Tools for Successful Communication

Date: September 7, 2022
Wednesday Key Executive Group

Speaker: Bill Graham

Communication is not a Two-Way Street. Nobody has to listen to you! They don’t have to meet you half way. It’s all on you. What can you do to improve your communication results?

This program breaks down likeability, messaging and storytelling into easy steps that will improve your relationships and your impact.

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Topic: The Vital Choice – The Victim vs The Ownership Mindset

Date: October 12, 2022
Wednesday Key Executive Group

Speaker: Todd Musselman

Todd’s focus for the workshop is on creating a mindset of personal ownership to optimize each individual’s leadership skills, capabilities and results.  Todd utilizes the victim/owner distinction to demonstrate the profound difference between operating in the victim mindset (reacting to circumstances) vs. the ownership mindset (creating your circumstances) and the effect each mindset has on one’s overall performance as a leader.  Using a series of distinctions, the presentation clearly defines and differentiates these mindsets, and demonstrates how to choose into the ownership mindset more consistently to produce lasting results both personally and professionally.

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Topic: You’re Not the Person I Hired – The Key Executive’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent

Date: November 9, 2022
Wednesday Key Executive Group

Speaker: Barry Deutsch

Why does research show that 56% of all executive hires fail in their first year to eighteen months?

Using the Success Factor Methodology, Vistage members can expect a dramatic improvement in hiring success from their companies almost immediately. Vistage members using and actively applying this methodology across a broad range of positions within their companies are bringing aboard extraordinary talent on a consistent basis.

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